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HobbyTown is the largest retailer in the hobby industry.

We have real-time data, insights and business intelligence from a national footprint of store locations all the way through our online sales worldwide. We leverage and follow this data to feed our proprietary Point of Sale (POS) and inventory management software to enable our franchisees to make better business decisions.

The HobbyTown merchandising team takes the guesswork out of matching the right products with the right prices at the right times to maximize your sales potential. Our dedicated buyers cultivate relationships with our vendors to provide franchisees with value-added programs and promotions as well as optimal supply chain sourcing.

Brand equity providing a cost-effective approach to advertising and marketing.

Our national branding program provides a cost-effective solution for optimizing advertising and marketing investments both nationally and in your local market. We leverage vendor cooperative funds to boost our budgets for customer acquisition and retention while leveraging the scale of the HobbyTown franchise to offer programs that otherwise wouldn’t be available to an independent store operator.

The BuyersClub distribution center offers low pricing, low minimum orders, prepaid freight, convenience and access to difficult to source product lines. Our vendor relationships and direct import opportunities give you access to unique products, better margins and additional allocation of high-demand products.


New customer acquisition strategies in your hands.

HobbyTown partners exclusively with RadioShack in the hobby industry to offer RadioShack Express merchandise centers within HobbyTown franchise stores. Participating stores listed on radioshack.com as authorized retailers benefit from additional sales and new customer acquisition opportunities.

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