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Get a head start on your dream career by owning a HobbyTown franchise. Franchise owners start with a supportive platform that empowers them to work for themselves and build a presence in their community. The HobbyTown HQ team also provides owners with valuable resources to develop their store and grow their assets. Basically, we have your back as you launch your business.

Why choose HobbyTown?

Our owners say they love being their own boss, building a meaningful business, serving their community and leaving a legacy they built from their own interests and passions.

The franchising industry is saturated with food service, car maintenance and home renovation opportunities—but HobbyTown is unique and engaging. By partnering with us, you get a genuine opportunity to bring excitement, education and new experiences to your community.


Join HobbyTown Nation

We call our franchise owners HobbyTown Nation, because they really are the heart of HobbyTown. These motivated, fun-loving people create a community that works together to make the hobby world better for everyone.

We host a HobbyTown Nation reunion every year in Lincoln, NE to celebrate our successes and connect with each other. This energizing week-long event is full of learning and networking for our franchisees, vendor partners and corporate team.


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